Double Your Income With These 3 Rules!

Listen here, if you want to make some money and live the life you want you won’t get there doing what you’re currently doing.
So I wrote out 3 basic rules I’ve personally used and I feel are the biggest contributing factors. Quick and simple. Nothin fancy.

1. Get out of your comfort zone.
Lately I’ve been hearing a close friend preach about getting uncomfortable. (Cred to Billy Young). I always see that guy doing new approaches to his business and most importantly, he’s consistent. Meaning even when he doesn’t want to do it, he does it.

I, too, believe he is 100% right. If you aren’t making moves everyday that get you uncomfortable, I can easily tell you, you aren’t going to double your income. You’ll probably lower it at that. The only people who make money are the ones finding ways to get uncomfortable. This is a surefire way to get you moving in the right direction.

2. Network UP
I just recently joined a bad ass group, Break Free Academy where the avg person in the group are six and seven figure earners, whatttttt! Right? I know.

The reason I share this is this group networks and meet, they bounce ideas and critique each other. You see, if I’m going to be apart of this group i have to level up, step up my game, leading back to #1, get uncomfortable. Makes sense?

If you aren’t networking UP,  i can guarantee you’re networking DOWN, why? Doing better than others makes you feel better about yourself OR it gives you an excuse to say “hey others are just like me, it’s not so bad then huh?” Nope, gotta cut that out IMMEDIATELY. I have a group of close friends that I associate with at home because they’re go getters, they hustle, all of them are always making moves or planning their next move. I like that (DJ Khalid Voice)
So Network up, stop networking down, it’s getting you no where. I’m uncomfortable even posting in that group but I paid to join, why? I’ll be like “damn how am i going to be able to talk and associate with these guys/gals?” UNCOMFORTABLE.

3. Find a mentor
This is the most important and I’ve never heard a story of someone becoming successful without one. I, myself, have 3. (Don’t ask, find YOUR path) Only broke people are saying “I don’t need **** from anyone and anyone who tries to tell me what to do can bleep off”|
Get your head out of your ass-tounding mind. People have done what you’re currently trying to accomplish, a lot of them even charge you for the road map, hell yea that’s worth it to me, let’s go! You need a mentor because they’ve already been through the fails, trials and tribulations and with their help you can avoid them or expect them and when they hit, it’s not like your blindsided by a right hook. It’s your job to be a GREAT student, it’s not their job to be a great teacher, it’s not a get rich quick, you will have to work your tail off but you will get rich quicker if you do it with them.

So get uncomfortable, network up and find a mentor.

I do all of these and I promise, every time I’ve seen success in my life is because of these 3 things about 98% of the time.

So if you want to double your income, follow these 3 rules and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s your job to run and get there.

If you want more tips like these follow my blog and be notified whenever I post up.

Thanks you all, to your success – Jacob

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